Roco Saffron (1882)

Roco Saffron (Rotteveel Company) is a family company supplying the industry with the finest and premium quality of Saffron bulbs direclty from the farms in the Netherlands since 1882. It was originally founded by the Rotteveel family Four Generations ago distributing flower bulbs such as Tulip & Hyacinth bulbs to Europe & the U.S.A. markets.

Our Fourth Generation family member Hans Rotteveel has been involved in the Flower Bulb business since a child. Hans has traveled throughout Europe & the U.S.A. visiting customers and supplying the finest quality of flower bulbs from Holland. Hans Rotteveel soon found out that his passion and heart was devoted to the Saffron industry, therefore Hans decided to fully dedicate working with professional Saffron growers from all over the world supplying not only his expertise about Saffron but also premium quality Saffron Bulbs. Roco Saffron is a Rotteveel company with a focus and specialization in Saffron Bulbs only.

Roco Saffron has built up a strong reputation for their knowledge and consistent quality of Saffron Crocus (Crocus Sativus) bulbs supplying the professional Saffron industry in Southern Europe and the U.S.A.

Our aim is to build long lasting relationships with our customer base around the world and supply the professional Saffron industry with an excellent crop of Saffron bulbs meeting the highest industry quality standards.

Yours sincerely, Cordiali saluti, Sinceramente,

Hans Rotteveel
President Roco Saffron




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