Feedback from our Customers

Roco Saffron distributes their Saffron Crocus worldwide. We visit our customers on a regular basis to strengthen our relationship. Below you can find some professional wholesale Saffron customers from over the world during our visits on the Saffron fields.

Our Amish customer in Pennsylvania (USA)
The Amish population in the U.S.A. is known for growing an excellent quality of Saffron for over many generations.
As it is difficult to reach the Amish by phone we personally visited our customer and we are proud to have started them out expanding to a large Saffron production for years now!

Amish Building fence to protect the Saffron crop from rodents after harvesting. The whole family is involved:

Beautiful crop of Saffron bulbs after harvesting in December:

We were proud to see an amazing return of Saffron after harvesting, the coloring shows an excellent quality of Saffron grown on an organic basis:
After checking the roots, the Saffron crop is ready to overwinter and start their reproduction of Crocus Sativus bulbs for many more Saffron flowers next year!

Some beautiful pictures from our customer in Oregon (USA)
nov1312 saffronbeds2014 IMG_2028

Elena from Bulgaria
Elena has been purchasing our Saffron bulbs for years now and keeps expanding her Saffron crop in Bulgaria!

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Diego from Italy

Meet our customer Roger from Spain

On of our new and young customers from Spain. Roger (Safran La Segarra S.L.) just finished university and is very enthusiastic starting his professional Saffron crop. Roger visited our farms in Holland and he was convinced of our quality and ordered a small amount to get started. After the first year of harvest, we are looking together how we can manage an increase to grow 2 Hectares!

Roger has built a special planting system whereby tubes are being used to plant the Saffron bulbs. This planting system ensures the spacing of the Crocus Sativus bulbs. The Saffron bulbs should be planted with sufficient spacing in order to give the mother Crocus Sativus bulb plenty of space to reproduce smaller bulbs. We advise to space the bulbs 15 Centimer (6 Inches).

Roger's premium quality of Saffron Crocus Bulbs (Crocus Sativus) have arrived from Roco Saffron:

After planting the Crocus Sativus bulbs, the first Saffron flower opens up in the Early morning under the Spanish sun! Ready for harvesting Saffron flowers:
IMG_0578 IMG_0579

After days of harvesting of Saffron flowers it was clear Roger needed more than only one box to store the Saffron flowers:
IMG_0501 IMG_0529(1)

After picking the Saffron stigmas from the flowers, the Saffron is ready to be dried and the result is a plate of beautiful dark red Saffron from Spain:
IMG_0530 IMG_0528

One of our customers in Italy produced and is operating this beautiful Saffron pulverize machine! Contact us for more information:

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